COCOSOLIS GROW Hair Growth Serum Spray


GROW Spray Serum combines highly effective natural ingredients to transform hair, making it visibly thicker, stronger and more vibrant after only 3 weeks of use. Reduces hair loss Stimulates faster hair growth makes it thicker, more vibrant and dense improves the structure and shine of the hair intensively nourishes the scalp Extends the life of the hair activates the development of hair follicle cells suitable for any hair type

contains a highly effective natural ingredient with laboratory proven action GROW is created by a specially developed formula with added Vitamins B3, B6 & provitamin B5, castor oil, Aloe Vera extract and coconut for a powerful complex action Regular use of hair loss can be achieved with regular use for 21 days 48 hours after the first use, the formation of new hair follicles is activated, the hair is fortified and strenghtened on its whole length with lightweight, two-phase, non-washable formula, easy to apply and non-aggravating

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