MG 320 Shiatsu Air Compression Massage Seat Cover


Pamper yourself with a relaxing Japanese Shiatsu Massage in the comfort of your home.

Shiatsu | Air Pressure | Spot Massage | Neck Massage

- With optional light and heat function

- Washable neck and back rest cover

- 2 rotating Shiatsu neck massage fingers

- 4-head massage system - rotating in pairs

- Air compression massage in the midsection and thigh area

- Movement along the spine

- 3 individually selectable massage areas

- 3 intensity levels of air compression massage

- Leather effect surface (washable PU)

- Washable mesh and velour covers for neck and back (40°C)

- Easy operation with manual control switch

- Ergonomic shell-shaped seat

- Can be used on all seats with sufficient seat height, depth and back rest

- Product Dimensions of the back (height x width x thickness): 82 x 57 x 17cm approx. 

- Solid back cover

- Attached using hook and loop fastener

- Timer function 5/10/15 minutes

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