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Small Geothermal Shower Head 'Flower of Life' Grille Design

£24 £29.99

'Flower of Life' Designed Grille Shower Head enhances wellbeing through water quality.

The bioshower head with geothermal minerals provides you with a sensational shower experience that will remain with you throughout your day.

The shower head is designed to optimise water quality and consumption and offer beneficial properties for the skin and the hair due to the geothermal properties of the minerals and also the patented built in system for thalassotherapy and spa. 

Red Tourmaline, Germanium & White Clay increase the quality of your water by reducing hardness, chlorine and other toxic contaminants.

Easy to Install.

Measurements: 189 grams/ 20.5 cms length/ 5.5 cms diameter of the grille

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