HT 60 Multifunction Hair Styler

£32 £40

Multifunctional & versatile 7-in-1 Hair Styler for every style with 7 interchangeable attachments:

1. Straighteners for beautiful, straight hair

2. Hair Crimpers for crimped waves

3. Brush attachment for sleek waves

4. Spiral attachment for corkscrew curls

5. Large Curling Tongs for large, voluminous curls

6. Small Curling Tongs for small delicate curls

7. Flat Curling Tongs for crimped curls


- Ceramic coating to protect your hair

- 360° swivel joint ensures the device can be used easily without twisting the cable

- Hanging loop for easy storage

- Easy-Lock system for easy changing of attachments

- Ergonomic handle

- Soft-touch surface

Only 3 pieces in stock!

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